Custom Options A-Z

  • CAL TB 133

    All of our products are CAL TB 117 compliant, but we offer an upgrade compliant with CAL TB 133.

  • Casters

    We are happy to quote casters as specified on any of our seating products.

  • Clean-out feature

    Most of our upholstered lounge seating can be customized to include a clean-out feature which is essentially a removable seat deck. This is often requested for assisted living projects and shopping malls.

  • COM / COL

    Standard pricing is COM (customer’s own material). Please contact us for COL (customer’s own leather) quote and square footage requirements.

  • Cushion and back pillow orientation

    If you prefer a bench cushion or a three-over-three configuration for your sofa, just let us know. We will usually recommend an orientation based on dimensions of the design, but this is flexible in most cases.

  • Custom furniture projects

    We routinely quote custom furniture and present shop drawings for approval before production begins. Jeffrey Braun is involved with all of our custom projects and we offer unique solutions based on your needs and specifications. Call or email us for more information.

  • Dimensions

    Our standard designs’ dimensions can be customized for a variety of living spaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and invite your requests for quotes. We have no minimum for customized orders.

  • Down seat cushions

    We offer an allergen-free combination of 75% feather and 25% goose down for an upcharge. Mixture is channeled in a down-tick muslin envelope surrounding a foam core or a spring core.

  • Down back pillows

    We offer an allergen-free combination of 75% feather and 25% goose down in a muslin down-tick envelope for an upcharge.

  • Finish match

    Custom matching is available for a flat fee of $150 net per finish.

  • Foam

    We can accommodate any foam you specify including HR (high resiliency) foam in various densities and ILD rates. Our standard foam has a minimum density of 2.0 lbs, and a minimum ILD rate of 24 or 28.

  • Metal legs and bases

    We offer a selection of metal legs, but can also source other options as required. We also can design entirely custom metal bases and legs for seating or tables.

  • Moisture barrier

    Upholstered products can be constructed to include a moisture barrier.

  • Nail detail

    We offer a selection of standard nails, but can also source a variety of nail options upon request. Nearly all of our seating designs can be customized to include a nail detail.

  • Ottomans

    We are happy to provide quotes for ottomans that coordinate with any of our seating designs.

  • Sleeper sofas

    Many of our upholstered designs can be customized to include a mattress and sleeper mechanism. Mechanisms are manufactured by Leggett and Platt. Available in queen, full and twin sizes.

  • Throw pillows

    Throw pillows can be purchased as specified for prices starting at $50 each when accompanying a furniture order.

  • Tight or loose seat/back

    Any of our standard designs can be customized to include a tight or loose seat or back.

  • Tufting

    Many of our standard designs include button tufting or biscuit tufting. If you would like to add or remove this detail from a design, just let us know.

  • Welts

    There is no upcharge to remove a welt from one of our standard designs. In fact, we often recommend removing welts on seats or arms in certain high-use commercial environments. We also offer contrasting welts. Please be sure to specify welt placement on your purchase order or quote request.

  • Wood bases or feet

    Any of our standard designs can be customized to include wood feet instead of a wood base or vice versa. We can also include metal feet or bases instead of wood.

  • Wood species

    We press our own veneer and can accommodate any wood species from Anigre to Bamboo to Zebrano.