Geometry 101: Modern custom furniture for lobbies

Angular-4We’ve been inspired by the number of modern, angular seating ideas that our clients have brought our way in the past several months.  Approximately half the furniture we build is entirely custom, so the influx of fresh ideas and collaboration means every day is exciting.  These modern, clean-lined furniture designs have graced the lobbies of shopping malls, banks and hotels.


Angular ottoman grouping

While we’ve pared down the fuss to capture a minimal aesthetic, each piece features our  high density foam and is designed with comfort in mind.  We all tend to slouch and recline in furniture in our own homes, but lobby furniture must be designed with a different type of geometry in mind! Lobby seating should present resting places that encourage a slightly more upright sit and feature a seat height that makes sitting and standing easy for a variety of people.  Of course, easy cleaning and durability are paramount in high-use areas.




Have something “geometric” in mind for your next project? Drop us a line and let’s get started.