Textile Partner Program

We are happy to accept COM (customer’s own material), but to streamline the progress of your order, we encourage our customers to utilize the textile companies within our Textile Partner Program.  Jeffrey Braun Furniture will purchase the fabric on your behalf, then track its shipment and arrival. We can purchase COM from outside of our Textile Partner Program, but we charge 20% of the yardage net price for this service.  If you would like to purchase fabric through our Textile Partner Program, please add clearly and in bold writing to your P.O.; JBF to purchase specified fabrics from __________.

If budget and timeline are a concern, our first recommendation is to review our carded textile program with Architex. The textiles within our carded program are all rated for commercial use, stocked in large quantities, and we grade-in at a discounted rate. Our production timelines are fastest when utilizing this program. Contact us for information or to request carded samples, which include the patterns below.

View other textiles available through our Textile Partner Program by accessing the links below.  Contact Jeffrey Braun Furniture to request graded-in pricing.